A Warrior

Demi Lovato’s song, “Sober” is so painfully heartwrenching & beautiful. Have you listened to any of her other songs? “Sober” isn’t the only one where you’ll hear her crying out. Have you gone to her Wikipedia or IMDB┬áto read about her? Some of her personal quotes, if you listen with your heart, will show you the battles she faces. She’s fallen again and it’s up to us to help her get back up.
Let’s talk about responsibility. Demi absolutely has to take personal responsibility … and she knows this. What about her team though? Her record label? Her friends … specifically the ones who felt there was nothing wrong with going to bars & partying with her, knowing full well the struggles she’s had with addiction. Have we forgotten Amy WInehouse? Whitney Houston? Both, gone far too soon and I have always felt that the industry and all the fakeness that comes with it are somewhat responsible. I could name others.
I read that Demi admired Kelly Clarkson … specifically because she didn’t dress scandalously, or drink and drive. She respected Whitney Houston & Christina Aguilera because in some songs, they weren’t trying to be sexy. Do you see a pattern there? The industry has become one of the biggest culprits in the over-sexualization of women. The pressure to keep some type of sex appeal, as if they wouldn’t make it unless they were selling sex. Wrong. Their gift they have with their voices should be what carries them.
If I was a producer that worked with Demi I would’ve stopped any further production as soon as I was handed the song, “Sober.” Was there not a red flag for anyone involved? Or was it that the almighty dollar sign meant more than her heart .. her spirit … her life?! She’s admitted to hiding things very well but that’s why there needs to be people in the industry that are capable of “reading between the lines.”
One of the lines from “Sober” struck me … “It only happens when I’m lonely.” This is a woman who is surrounded by hundreds of people, each & every day. Yet … she is lonely. I have no doubt that she will come out of this battle wearing a crown. She is a “Warrior.” Another one of the lines from the song talks about her wanting to be a role model, but she is human. Someone in her circle needs to give her a hug and remind her that she IS a role model. Her life may model some things people shouldn’t do but it also models exactly how real she is about them and how she fights to stand back up. She is a voice for so many good purposes. She’s not afraid to stand for anything she believes in. She is human … we all fall short, battle inner demons and we lose a battle or three.
I would love to write some songs with her but even more … I’d rather be her friend, to hear what she says in her silence. To cry with her. And to help her battle … the loneliness, the addiction and what the industry does to so many, that we may not even recognize it anymore.

The music industry needs to make changes and it needs to happen now!

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