Who is Retta?

Retta Rizzo is an alternative Christian-Goth rock singer/songwriter.

Her Story

From the bright lights of “Sin City” (Las Vegas) NV, Christian Alternative Goth-Rock singer/songwriter Retta Rizzo is making noise. She lends her God-given vocals & lyrical talents to creating such twisted sounds, that fans can’t help but turn their ear closer. Her upcoming album “World In Pain” is a resounding testament to God’s saving grace.
It’s been said that Retta has the voice of an angel. Having embraced the dark side that is present right before The Light shines, you may consider it the voice of the “Angel of Death.” Her message is that “people are often uncomfortable with death, the dark and topics that aren't "pretty."
Something she’s recently embraced ... “the Light came BECAUSE of the dark. There is beauty in pain. The lessons we have the opportunity to learn in life, are often hushed because they are topics no one wants to address. Thorns may bring blood ... but they also protect the flower & enable it to grow."

She uses the gifts that God has given her, to rock you to your core.

Meet her Team

Behind every recording artist, there is a team. They may be in the background but their skills and talents are just are part of what creates the artists' success.


Patrick Rizzo

Management & Booking

As Retta's husband, he has her best interest at heart. All management & booking information comes straight from him.




Outside of God, no one plays a more important roll in this business.



Admin Team

The band actually changes, depending on the project.

G. W. , D. W. , M.S. , L. K. & so many others play a very large part and work very hard at what they do. They are all incredible.

Listen to Retta's Music

You can stream Retta's music on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and other sites. She also has songs available to buy (which of course we encourage you to do). Click the listen button to be taken to the music page.