Talk about coming back in with a bang! After a sabbatical, I’ve recently re-entered the music scene and have new music in the works. I posted on all my social media platforms that an old, but still very relevant song of mine had been re-released. It’s on Spotify, Deezer for streaming and will soon make it’s way to iTunes. It’s also available to buy as a download. M family, friends (even some that don’t particularly care for my genre) and fans went to listen. They streamed, they purchased it, downloaded and shared the heck out of it. Over night it climbed to high positions in my local, regional, national & global Indie Charts. I’m humbled & thankful. Do you think we can get it to the #1 spot on all those charts? I sure hope so.

Retta on Spotify

Retta on Deezer

Really, thank you seems so very small for the gifts they have all given me.

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