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Additional Information

Retta Rizzo has been involved in the entertainment industry, in one aspect or another, since childhood and boasts a career that included co-starring and singing with Lucille Ball. Though acting is where she got her start, she vividly remembers choosing the music industry due to a special moment in time with Chris Lemmon (actor and son of the late Jack Lemmon). When Chris attended California Institue of Arts, he frequented the restaurant owned and operated by Retta's family. One day, at the restaurant, Retta sat by him on the piano bench (in the main part of the restaurant) as he sang "My Funny Valentine" and played the piano. It was that moment that fueled her love of music. 

As a BMI songwriter, Retta holds a large catalog of songs. She's written much of her own music in the alternative rock genre and writes in every genre for other artists. She's been very fortunate to co-write with some incredible songwriters too.

As a singer, songwriter, Retta has had 3 songs on the Top 50 Indie charts. One peaking and holding the #1 spot for 6 weeks. It fell off the chart and later came back to hold the #1 spot again for a few months. 

As a musician, Retta plays accoustic and electric instruments as well as working with digital/electronic instruments, beats and loops.

Retta's music is also known internationally in places such as Africa,
Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

If you are interested in co-writing with Retta, or hiring her to compose music and/or write lyrics for your individual, religious, corporate or commercial special event, please check out the "For Hire" page and fill out the "Contact" form.