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    Writing Lyrics

    All of Retta's songs are written by her but not all of them are for her. She writes lyrics for various genres. She has also collaborated with some incredibly talented writers and will continue looking for opportunities to do so.

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    The Song

    Each song is written for the listener. The music combined with the lyrics and Retta's vocals, will be with you in your pain and show you the path to freedom when you see the Light at the end of the tunnel.
    Retta's music will rock you to the core of your soul.

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    Composing & Musicians

    Whether with digital instruments, loops or instruments in a studio, Retta composes and plays the instruments herself, as well as in collaboration with some of the industry's finest musicians.

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    Retta in a nutshell

    Music notes run through Retta's blood, and lyrics spill from her heart. She loves all music but realized that most songs are either about breaking up, drugs, sex, ooey-gooey feel good parts of love or hold some very deragogatory messages. She feels like people want and need to hear the raw, realities of life. The truth is that we all go through trials and sometimes, alone. She notes that a lot of those trials can break our hearts. You will feel what the songs are about, not just hear them. You will know the promises and hope by the end of each lyric.


    Listen to Retta's music

    You can stream Retta's music on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and other sites. She also has songs available to buy (which of course we encourage you to do). Click the listen button to be taken to the music page.